What is Permanent Makeup ?

Permanent Makeup is also known as Semi Permanent Makeup, Micropigmentation and Micro Enhancement. It is a form of cosmetic tattooing, in which coloured pigment is infused into the dermal layer of the skin, to mimic the look of conventional makeup, a natural looking enhancement of facial features. This effect remains with you 24/7, gradually fading over 1-5 years.  The benefits being that you can wake up with perfectly applied, smudge proof makeup, with no need to re-apply it, yet you can add different shades of conventional makeup on the top, when desired.  Over time it fades, and becomes lighter in colour, but the pigment will permanently stay in the skin, hence it is referred to as Permanent Makeup, as well as Semi Permanent Makeup.

(In t he case of c onventional tattooing, coloured ink is used and penetrated much deeper, past the dermal layer and lasts a lifetime).

During a Permanent Makeup treatment all pigment colours used are hypoallergenic, pharmaceutical grade and have non toxic properties.  A patch test will be completed at least 24 hours prior to your treatment and you'll be asked to complete consultation forms with a medical questionnaire. 

The Benefits of Permanent Makeup

 ·         It brightening the eyes, lengthens the look of lashes and enhances the eye contour and shape.

 ·         It balances and frames the face by thickening, shaping or even redefining sparse brows.

 ·        It enriches the natural colour and shape of the lips to achieve a more youthful appearance and prevent lip stick bleed lines.

  Why Semi Permanent Make-up ?  

smudge free – hassle free – waterproof - low Maintenance - natural looking – customized – Long lasting make up that may change your life forever! 

Who is it for ?  

Anyone who wants to increase their confidence in their appearance and prefers looking their best 24/7. 

Those who suffer from allergies to conventional makeup, or suffer from Hay fever, 

Those who have suffered hair loss after chemotherapy treatments, or Alopecia 

Those who have a disability in applying makeup 

Those who have very little time - busy mums and professionals 

Sports and swimming enthusiasts

Permanent Makeup is an art and for the best results it should be applied in two stages, of an initial consultation, an application focus visit. A complimentary follow up visit is offered in 4-6 weeks,  to assess how the pigment colour has taken. Everyones skin is different, so at the second visit, more colour may be added to define and complete your bespoke treatment .

During your consultation we will discuss what you’re looking to achieve in shape, design and a customised colour blend will be chosen, I then design a template to work within. To optimise desired results we can also incorporate and focus on balancing asymmetrical aspects of the face and/or correcting uneven features. No work will begin until you are entirely happy.

A topical numbing gel is used during each procedure to make you comfortable reducing discomfort and minimising potential of pain and swelling. Clients are able to resume normal activity straight after the treatment.

To keep the colour fresh it is recommended to have a top up every 12 - 18 months.

What to do next

Prior to the consultation, you will receive a sensitivity patch test kit to assess your compatibility to the procedure. When you have completed this and you are happy to go ahead with the procedure, contact Sheila and she will arrange a consultation.

Before any procedure a personal consultation is arranged to ensure that your individual requirements are met. Suggestions may be made to as to how your natural beauty can be enhanced. And if necessary pencilled on to show you the effect.