Left eye
Eyes before
Eye after
Eye right after
Eye green
Bottom Eyeliner
Sandy after SPMU eyes
Lash enhancement Before
Elash enhancement after
Before baby eyeliner
After baby eyeliner
After baby eyeliner
Before baby eyeliner

Permanent Makeup for Eyes

  • Waterproof & smudgeproof – great for sports enthusiasts, swimmers

  • Saves time applying eye make-up

  • Ideal for those that have a disability applying makeup
  • Ideal for those that have allergies to conventional makeup
  • suffer from watery eyes or hay fever
  • Adds extra definition to your eyes with a natural look, a subtle lash enhancement is perfect for adding extra definition to your eyes.

  • Or copy your favourite eyeliner look

  • Improve the shape, contour, or overall balance of your eyes

 PLEASE NOTE: Prior to a treatment, a patch test is required to check for allergic reaction to the numbing gel and pigment.

Also I request that you complete a medical questionnaire so that I can check that Permanent Cosmetics is the right treatment for you.

A separate consultation can be booked to help you decide on whether you wish to go ahead with a Permanent Makeup treatment. The shape can and colour can be applied to the surface of the skin and worn home, to show family and friends. (the colour can be wiped off with a makeup wipe.

However, if you are happy to go ahead with your treatment an in depth consultation is always carried out, before your treatment. Design and pigment colours are advised and discussed with you, we will not go ahead with the actual treatment until you are entirely happy.

 To optimise desired results we can also incorporate and focus on balancing asymmetrical aspects of the face and/or correcting uneven features.

Lash Enhancement

A fantastic treatment if you simply want to add extra definition to your eyes, without an eyeliner look. A subtle line of colour through the lash line, gives the look of longer, fuller lashes.

This is one of the most popularly requested eye treatments in permanent cosmetics

I'll help you choose the right colour for you, to enhance the colour of your eyes.

Consultation (redeemable at time of treatment) 1 hour £0
Lash Enhancement (top) £250
Lash Enhancement (bottom) £170
Lash Enhancement (top & bottom) £400


A subtle soft eyeliner,  or a more defined look, I'll help you choose the right colour to enhance the colour of your eyes. Pigment colours can be blended to your favourite eyeliner colour.

Consultation 1 hour £0
Eyeliner- (medium) top £300
Eyeliner - bottom £200
Eyeliner - top & bottom £490
Eyeliner (thick) top £350