Meso-Vytal Cell Boost Concept/Mesotherapy

Our skin cells need time to adapt to new circumstances. The innovation of the MESO vytal cell boost concept is the different approach towards skin improvement and rejuvenation. It gives the cells time to bolster up, to improve their texture and to stimulate their own reproduction of collagen and other nutrients. That´s why effects after a MESO vytal treatment are not visible at a glance. Follow ing the recommended treatment-schedule, best effects are visibly after approximately three months. This gives  time to build up a perfect treatment plan for clients and give their skin cells what they need....When they need it.

Meso Vytal treatment - what to expect

Within your consultation, prior to treatment,  the procedure is explained and clients are asked to complete a medical questionnaire. On finding out what the client would like to achieve, a treatment plan will be advised  to include one, or a combination of the Meso Vytal treatment serums

1st stage MESO vytal AHA peeling is used to expose and exfoliate dead skin and activate the skins metabolism.

2nd stage one, or a combination of the following vitamin serums will be applied and worked safely into the dermal layer, using a one timeuse

3rd stage the skin is cleansed  with saline solution and the MESO vytal after care is applied

Complete aftercare will be advised to the client before leaving the clinic.


The Meso Vytal Cell Boost Concept consists of 3 treatment approaches :

MESO vytal med with hyaluronic acid and peptides reduces wrinkles and stimulates the body´s own collagen production. To reduce wrinkles and facial expression lines.

MESO vytal fresh is a sophisticated composition of vitamins, Q10 and amino acids and supplies the skin with essential nutrients. It is the perfect treatment for young skin and rounds off daily skin care.

MESO vytal pure is the spa treatment for the skin. Picked up by nature with amino acids and extracts from soybeans and yams roots. It is advisable for recovering dull, tired and dehydrated skin and visibly lighten it up!

Single treatment 45 mins £60

This treatment is more effective by having a course of treatments, however one treatment can give a healthy glow the day before a special occasion, party or wedding.

Meso Vytal (course of 8 treatments for the price 7) 45 mins £420

To get the best results, a course of 8 treatments, 1 to 2 treatments per week are recommended

discount £45

(please ensure makeup is removed prior to your treatment, as this can cut down on treatment time)


It is recommended that clients get into a routine of applying an SPF daily, many moisturisers contain an SPF, even some mineral makeup.Ideally a factor 30 or 50.

UVA and UVB rays can reverse the improvement that have been achieved through any skin treatment.

UVB rays can penetrate through water or glass,  a recent TV documentary showed car drivers to have sun damage on one side of the face that was most exposed to UVB rays, through the windscreen.