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LVL- Lash Lifting & Lengthening

The stunning alternative to eyelash extensions!

  • No adhesive or lash extensions used

  • No mascara needed

  • New silicon shield to lift the eyelashes from the roots

  • New gel formulation

  • A very relaxing treatment

What are LVL Lashes?

LVL is a revolutionary alternative to lash extensions that provides you with longer looking lashes without the need for lash extensions or harsh perming techniques. Each treatment takes between 70-90 minutes. Take time out to relax and enjoy a very relaxing treatment, when you open your eyes your lashes will look longer and thicker than you ever thought possible!

Ideal for your holiday, your honeymoon and parties

You could be looking in the mirror each morning to see wide awake looking eyes. LVL is a new treatment that gives length, volume and lift to your own natural lashes. No need to wear mascara!...

See LVL in action with Celebrity make-up artist Lisa Eldridge!

Lisa Eldridge is one of the most highly regarded make-up artists on the international beauty and fashion scene. 

“I really do believe that having curled lashes is one of the quickest ways to brighten and lift your entire face. If you want to appear more alert and wide awake without using eyelash curlers and mascara every morning, you will love LVL.”  Lisa Eldridge.

NB: a patch test must be done 24 hours prior to your treatment 

LVL Lash Lift 1 hour £50
LVL Lash Lift (with colour tint- top) 1 hour 15 mins £55
LVL - Lash Lift (i'll come to your home) 1 hour 30 mins £55
LVL - Lash Lift with colour tint 1 hour 15 mins £55