Beauty Marks

Beauty Marks are real eyecatchers, they focus the attention on a particular area of the face, or body.

 If you are thinking of having a beauty mark, you can experiment with a pencilled in beauty mark to see if you like it, then move on to having one permanently applied using permanent makeup.

The usual places for a beauty mark are :

Upper lip

Cheek bone

Breast area






In the twentieth century  Marilyn Monroe 's beauty mark generated a new vogue. Fashion model  Cindy Crawford 's prominent mole helped revive the fashion. [2] Some celebrities who have beauty marks include  Madonna  below her right nostril,  Sheena Easton  below her left nostril,  Tina Louise  on her cheek,  Sheryl Crow  on her chin,  Mel B  on her chin,  Mariah Carey  on her chin,  Angelina Jolie  on her forehead,  Blake Lively  on her cheek,  Taylor Swift  on her neck,  Britney Spears  on her neck,  Lindsay Lohan  on the right side of her upper lip,  Marion Cotillard  on her  forehead ,  Kate Upton  below her right nostril, and  Sophia Bush  on her right cheek. Musician  Prince  is iconic for several of his beauty marks. In addition,  U.S. Congresswoman   Robin Kelly  has a beauty mark below her right nostril.

Beauty Mark Prices

Round Shape 1 hour £65
Heart Shape 1 hour £75
Star Shape 1 hour £75